Saturday, November 23, 2013

African American Blogosphere

From the coasts of Africa, down in the Bayou, to the city that never sleeps, and everywhere else in between.

Over the past few months the AASGAR facebook group, with the guidance of Luckie Daniels and others, there has emerged a collection of ancestral stories.

Some that will melt your heart, awaken your spirits and enlighten your mind. Others that will challenge your beliefs, tickle your tummy, or put a smile on your face.

A glimpse into the past reflecting on what it was like to walk in their shoes. I hope that you take time to bless the Blogosphere:

Our Georgia Roots
Echoes of My Nola Past
Back Porch Reminiscing
Claiming Kin
Where Art Thou?
My Elusive Kin
A Journey To The Past
Finding Eliza
Interlocked & Interwoven
Mississippi Ancestors
Cecelia's Dig
Walking in Irene's Shoes
The Middlebrooks of Meriweather County
A Home In Missouri
The Book of Bannarn
Mysteries of My Ancestors
My True Roots
Arterberry-King-Pinkney-Richardson Genealogy
Moon-Jackson Army
Pieces of Me
J-Mac's Journey
Daniels is My Name
Panola County Roots
Their Child
Pressing My Way
Our Family As A Whole
Ruby's Granddaughter
Ancestral Callings
Honoring My Great Uncle
How Did I Get Here?
Tracey's Trees
Honoring Our History
Caddo Trees
Voices Inside My Head
Between the Gate Posts
Conversations With My Ancestors
Spence-Lowry Family History
Taneya's Genealogy Blog
All Roads Lead To California
The Southern Root
Tracing Their Footsteps
Ike Ivery Family
Terrence Garnett's Family Research
They Came from Virginia
Connected by Blood

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