Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sweet Dreams ....:-(

Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite, or the Sandman will bring you good dreams.....

But have you ever heard of the Silver Finger Lady? She, or it was referred to when having to go to bed @ night. If you did not go to bed like a good girl or boy the Silver Finger Lady would come for you.

Now i really don't know how this story came about but i know it was passed down throughout our family. My father said my grandma also told him and  my uncle the same. Perhaps an Urban Legend , a monster of some sort.

Of course story changed in time. Supposedly she would ride your back, waking you from your sleep. You could not move or scream. Or maybe that was the nightmare she would bring if you stayed up too late!!!

Needless to say i always went to bed on time with my nightlight. Crazy story but worked for most of us. No one ever said they actually met that fate....:-)

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