Friday, December 13, 2013


I don't think i even realize how realistic the saying your ancestors will guide you is. I find myself deep in thought alot to the early morning . Trying to gather my thoughts and connect my ancestors.

Early last week i had a really mind boggling dream. But by weeks end i think it was evident what was going on. With that being said, let me recreate the road i traveled.

It was like a Sunday drive, traveling down a red dirt road and peering out the window. It was refreshing looking at the unfamiliar buildings with large pillars and picturesque  windows.

In reaching our destination, a subway/ train station we where greeted by an older gentleman who provided us with few tickets. One with some small numbers on bottom, and one that clearly stated African Freedom.

Looking out there where staircases and people dressed in their Sunday best. Some in african wear and others casual. All of a sudden people starting running from stairwells screaming out what seemed to be Run. Then came forth a young man chained n shackled to others with his head down. Led by an older man who seemed to be pulling him along with others.

Then BOOM, a drum roll and people started scattering, others where being grabbed up and i heard sumone say " FREE" as he touched my shoulder. Drums still playing, their was an indistinct chanting and dancing.

The last thing i remember is crowd had dispersed and there was a small circle of us. Holding hands, seated, low drum sound. Appeared to be chanting or praying. Then i woke up..

Photo courtesy of :Hampton {20th Anniversary Umoja Fest} {Oddisee}

Family Tree{Kadir Nelson}

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