Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They call me Chaarlie, Charlie Reese

We began to talk and her eyes glistened as she spoke of her grandparents Mamie Dudley and Charlie Reese. The words of my granny Ruby Reese.
 Oh my goodness she looked like an Indian with her long hair and red skin. She would braid her her up or pin it in curls. Always dressed so nice and had gold in her mouth. Never understood how she got her hair to stay so in place, and my momma Lucile looked indian too.
My grandaddy Charlie used to have best watermelons, we would eat half and then tip melon over till he found out. He was clean too, light skinned fella.
On Saturdays we rode into town with him. On Sundays we attended church at Hopewell Baptist, Revrend Witt did services. During the week Grandma Mamie and momma kept house for Sam Pharr, he worked at courthouse in Lowndesboro. Wonder if he still here, had dream he could tell me where momma is.


  1. The gift of Oral History Andrea... it is PRICELESS. The Ancestors are working you girl. You've given them a portal & they will give you what you need. Trust me, they know us better than we know them. Breathe & enjoy the journey. Proud of you....

  2. Beautiful that u have this great story to tell, keep writing about your ancestors, they are nudging u and u them just fine.

  3. I just read the whole blog. The way you tell the story makes it very interesting.

  4. Thanks, i have learned that its all about time. There is so much i want to say but matter of how i will make my ancestors happy.

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by, encouragement is always welcome.