Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Things that make you go hmm

It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with research and figuring out which way to go. I have been mostly researching my maternal line and like any one i have a few bumps in road that need paved.
My first that's dear and closest to my heart....an obituary, death record, or picture for my great grandma Lucile Reese Robinson. She was born in 1907 to Charlie Reese and Mamie Dudley in Lowndes county Alabama.  The last known relevance i have on her is in household with husband Harry Robinson in 1940, Birmingham.
My Second Bump in Road

Charlie Reese
Over the past few weeks i have been trying to prove that Abe Reese/Reece is in fact the father of Charlie. According to the Alabama Death & Burial index on Ancestry his parents are Abe Reese and Annie Miller aka Amy Miller. He was born about 1886 and died 1937 in Clanton, Alabama.
If it is so that Abe Reece is his father they migrated from North Carolina. Abe Reese would be son of Wiley Reese and Dinah. He was born about 1870 and died 1935.
My Third Bump in Road
Over past couple weeks i began correspondence with another researcher on Reese surname. In fact we had same ancestors or so i thought. Same given names, Wiley Reese and Dinah who where spouses. Abe Reese and Annie/ Amy Miller. Also Abe's first wife Aliff Waters\Warters.
I asked if had any pictures, history to prove or disprove if  had owners. Or if  knew parents of Wiley or Dinah. This person replied that must be different family because they are Caucasian, with maybe some Cherokee blood. They where never owned.
How to go about finding solutions....why did they migrate to Alabama and when exactly?

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