Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Today has been a long day for me. I really feel exhausted in my efforts over the past week. I would like to believe that i should have at least come up with something in regards to my ancestors. What a blah day, it is raining and i have a slight headache. However, i have been writing different genealogical societies in areas of my research. Posting and searching message boards and nothing yet that makes me wanna jump up and down. I don't know just feeling really out of touch.
I think i am going to start on another ancestor or perhaps my paternal line.

Or perhaps provide some information on WD Mc Curdy. A few of my relatives worked under the Mc Curdy family and i do know their is a Mc Curdy horse Plantation in Lowndes that my grandma mentioned.  Alot of area farmers or slave owners took there horses there to be breed because of the care and status of the Mc Curdy brothers own establishment.

In short WD Mc Curdy also had a part in the Pratt Mines of Alabama where slaves where leased amongst owners in coal mines to produce money in deplorable conditions. Chained, malnurished, tortured, and whipped. A practice known as convict leasing. A sytem in which a slave or free person was used in forced labor to pay off their debt. Taken from jail or prison and delivered to a farm, coal mine, or lumber yard.. Most  of the time there was no real criminal act committed. Can't begin to imagine worrying about walking down street and being thrown into custody for something made up. Our ancestors where very strong and deserve there stories to be told, GOOD, BAD,and UGLY!

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