Monday, December 23, 2013


This past year is almost over and it has been like a rollercoaster.  Many ups and downs throughout. A time for healing, renewed joy, peace and blessings heading into the new year.

When one door closes there are others that will open. It has been a long 30+ years and that door has been opened to our family. My granny's baby boy came home.

Raised by a good family friend who could not have children. Right in our backyard many times and we never knew. I found my uncle Quinn last year and with lots of love and encouragement, he arrived like the Postman. Through rain, snow, hills, and lotsa traffic. What a wonderful birthday gift for me and Christmas to the rest of the family.

It is such an overwhelming experience to explain the tears of joy down my grandma's face when she saw her BABY BOY. Priceless how she held his face and looked in his eyes and said " my baby". 

To this day their is a different feel in the family house. The smell of home cooked meals every day, children laughing, and sharing stories from way back yonder....

We are blessed and very thankful. My grandma is always smiling, now she has been snapping her fingers and wiggling her hips. Not too much, she is about 90 years favored. Blaring her Sir Charles & James Brown. And of course a lil Blind Boys of Alabama, her hometown, along with some Smokie Norful and Canton Spirituals. Her Pastor n choir boy, my uncle sanging nearby.


  1. This story makes me happy and sad. Happy that your grandmother has reunited with her baby boy and sad that it took so long.
    I always wonder how many of our family members cross paths without even knowing it.

  2. Wow, this is so beautiful especially when your grandmother said, "my baby". The pictures really do tell the story. Blessing all around.

    1. Thank you Ms Bernita Allen! Was true blessing this holiday season.